Sunday, October 12, 2008

GETTING ready for SAFF!!

Im packing up and making wonderful santa , witch and snowman felting kits . I have put them together with what I think is a TON of packaging to help make creating these critters a little easier. BUT as we all know, I will be unable to make everyone happy all of the time.. so Im aiming for making most of the ppl happy :)

I have new puppets, and am packing up things for my class, getting little touches to each persons kit . and typing up instructions . Hubbie and I went to make color copies of my instructions and at staples that would have cost me OVER 180$ THAT was much more than I anticipated , so I have decided to buy more color cartridges for my printer and go with that approach . not cheap by any means but it certianly dosent cost me $.50 per copy !!!

My mom and dad will be manning the booth, while Linda and I teach classes, and this year I WILL take pictures of the classes completed work !! We have added so much new stuff to our booth I really hope it is a good event.. christmas and the seasons Hay is riding on it.

We are going to dye our own yarn , proudly spun from my sheep to our items this year, and we are handpainting it tomorrow. We are getting down to the wire, with 2 weeks to go until we leave and still so very much to finish !!!
VERY stressfull!!.
anyway please let me know if you went to saff and what you did and MORE!!!


Laurie said...

Talk about a long time between blogging...don't you know there are actually people who read this? I EXPECT to hear about SAFF and how wonderful it was!

Laurie said...

I have a comment - when are you going to post someting more current? This was months ago :D