Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby bunny, blocking for show ..

Well MDS&W is 10 workdays (for me ) away. Im still sculpting on my project for the skein and garment competetion, and I have begun blocking out the ram I intend to show.

Blocking out sheep for the show ring can take MANY hours with the end goal to get the sheep to look as long and as straight as possible.

ALL of the belly wool is removed. neck wool and head wool is trimmed drastically. and all of the fiber on the rear end is clipped and squared off.

this ram here has been worked on at this point for about 2 hours.

I will add new pictures the next time I block him more. There is a problem with doing more today as we have had a day of rain. so I will likely work on him more on thursday and /or friday

The baby angora bunny, looks to be an agouti color , and so far is doing GREAT he/she is over 3 weeks old and now has begun nibbling hay as well as pelleted feed.

Well off I go to work more on my submission for MD. Hope to see you there !