Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another year ... more lambs and sculptures.

We are getting some lambs ready to take to MDS&W to show in May .. they have been jacketed all year, and are now showing us some beautiful fleeces under these coats.

Weather is supposed to get below freezing tonight so the tender veggies are not yet going out.

Out of the lambs born this year, we had 13 lambs.. 4 ewe lambs and the rest Rams . One of those ram lambs will show at MD in may alongside the sculpture that I am currently working on . I cannot post it on the blog site because judges may be lurking and visiting sites. I know they cannot see my FB page so I can allow my FB friends to see my latest work.

That lamb there is called Cho , and she is 1 year old .. out hopes are that she will be bred to the "Dutchman" in the fall along with 3 other yearlings .

We had a Bunny class at the shop a weekend ago and had great fun. All students came away with bunnys and we spent the better part of the class laughing and having a great time.

The two new piggies are here.. one is black and white spotted the other is just pink and thats ok, if it ets much hotter they will soon be looking for a pool.

the only ewe lambs being kept this year is "Paris" we dont care if shes smart... we care if shes pretty