Monday, March 23, 2009

baby bunny

I have been trying to save a baby english angora rabbit. This is much harder than most would think. They are very small, and hard to get to eat from anything much other than an eyedropper.

In the past I often was finding myself trying to save .. "the battered and bruised one" the one that mom kicked out of the nest" or one that was allready listless and cool to the touch .. my success rate has been BAD.. the longest I ever had a baby survive was 14 days.

I have undertaken this huge trial yet again and today was day 5 .. his brother (for lack of knowing the actual sex of either ) died 2 days ago. He had been the weaker of the two and chilled when I got to him. Neither baby ever recieved any dams milk so no colostrum. I did have some ewe colostrum tho and added that for the first day to the KMR I am using to feed with I am careful not to over feed, and to stimulate it to urinate after each feeding

This little fella is so far hanging in there and tomorrow if the lighting is good I will photograph him to show you.