Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lambs kids and sculptures OH my !

So far we have delivered 8 healthy bouncing lovely corriedale lambs .. all sexes but it seems to be swaying in favor of ewe lambs at the moment. I have completed a new sculpture to put in at MDS&W .. heres hoping the work is as appreciated this year as it was last year.

We have also had 4 beautiful cashmere kids. 2 boys and 2 girls .One of the boys is a black buck with a white belly band and is SO CUTE... sadly he will be for sale . Since we own his daddy and not enough room for a second billy.

I completed a new puppet, a filly, that is currently being shown off at my local feed store.

We had a GREAT year at the NC state fair . We took all KINDS of top honors including NC born and bred ewe and NC born and bred reserve !!!

im including a photo of the ewe that took all the great ribbons .