Thursday, May 31, 2007

is palm oil worth it ?

palm oil, everyone is beginning to hear of it now, but palm oil is destroying the greatest forsete we have on our planet. the animals who live in them, are innocent victims. Read the label... pass the word, no palm oil in our products,.not in our face cream , shampoo or coditoner, not in our easter candy , chocloates, or anything else, and definatly not in our cars.
We, the masses say what goes into the things we buy, make your dollar matter...
buy very local produce, this is the time of year. and freeze it in a very energy efficent deep freezer, it is better than the 3000 miles some of our food travels to get to us . there are EASY cost effective ways to be middle class and green !!! matter of fact, im thinking of a new blog... maybe not tied to the farm, but on being green and poor ...
not poor exactly... but middle class, and the definition of that has changes too. anyway
look for the new blog site , Ill post
the name here soon.
in the meantime,
here is an article on what palm oil is doing.

another nais action

if you are anti NAIS another step you can take is to go to moveonh . org and bring attention to our cause. we are of course trying to inform anyone and everyone how this will affect them weather they have a farm or animals or not but this step may just bring a bit of attention to us .

please go there and let them know what all will be losty if nais is imposed ! thanks Melissa