Tuesday, March 21, 2006

NAIS makes Equine slaughter easier

been hearing for the past 2 years about old horse slaughter facilities opening back up, Also had heard how new slaughter laws were enabled, like the ones that make it legal now to buy hundereds of discarded mustangs. Well the NAIS will make it financially harder to rescue , because rather than chip and report a hundred or hundreds of horses available for adoption, now, with NAIS one "lot " number will be much easier. now pony skin, for purses and boots, horse meat for europe and japan , thats where the money will be. Lots of horse registries are aware of how NAIS will make "grade" horses not as "worth it " so, they support NAIS, but then again they also support slaughter. Ask them . ASK the AQHA if they support the NAIS. ask them if they are for slaughter . they wont answer you unless you really press them. all the NAIS action will make trail rides vet visits breeding and showing a nightmare. and how will you feel when the local vets decide your animals need what shots they decide, or what de-wormers to use, or your horses will be labeled a risk to public health. loose horse? you have to report it ! someone elses loose horse runs to your farm? every animal it contacts , thats YOUR expense and reports for all of your animals. heard how you wont have to report if you dont leave your own property?
dont bring home a new hen or ram, thats livestock, in contact with livestock . All animals that contact the new critter , each will be a report.
so while Japan eats your fancy saddle horse, dont pretend that microchip kept your horse from being stolen, they just toss those chips into a bucket , and sell them to try to subvert the system . after all, before the new un counterfeitable 20$ bills were dry, fakes were already circulating .
who knows, maybe that distance reading rfid chip reader will be able to help that horse thief know right where to go to find all the local horses. the GPS map will help for sure!

if BIRD flu hits , then store WHAT?

Ive heard several numbers. Store enough food for 8 weeks. ok , dry food? frozen food do they count? canned? ok if freezers wont work then how much kerosine for lanterns does that add up to ?
I have horses and sheep, Im assuming I will also have to store feed for them. BUT thats a double edged sword. Im NOT letting my neighbors kill off my sheep to eat. Im NOT letting anyone steal my horses to use as transportation. I feel like if you didnt set aside enough food for you and yours then TOUGH. I plant my garden I medicate my animals. I am there from birth to death. Refugees without foresight do not deserve to be able to accost my livestock.
Because of how things went for New Orleans, I am storing bullets alongside my powdered milk.
I actually think it is my job and obligation to rescue my family and supply us with the things we need durring a crisis. what happened to people feeling this way ?
Since when did America become a large group of people with their hands held out ??? the more I learn the more disgusted I become.

governmental gardening.

the USDA has written something called the NAIS, National animal Identification System. This sounds like something to prevent mad cow, only, mad cow is not passed from nose to nose contact. it is passed from eating bodies. in 1997 a law was passed that made it illegal for ranchers to feed animal body parts to cows. sounds like a no brainer, dont feed meat of any kind to mother natures vegetarians. Ok. easy enough. only, now a few 10 yr and older cows are showing signs that they were exposed to contaminated feed, and test positive for Mad cow. That cow was destroyed, but the USDA is trying to scare everyone to death , making it seem like other animals could have "caught" mad cow from that sick cow. nope. not unless that farmer ground her up and fed her to the rest of the herd... but now that the USDA has everyone afraid of mad cow, they say "we have a soloution, it is called NAIS, if we had mandatory tagging and traceback on these cows, it would help us !" only they are NOT telling you,
that it wont only demand the tagging of cattle for food, but also ALL other livestock animals. llamas, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, alpacas, and yes cows, but that means , the old lady with one chicken , she has to tag hers too. I have a few sheep for spinning from , and wuill have to tag them too. everyone with even ONE horse will have to tag it.
thinking ok thats not all that bad .. it does get worse... the USDA says thats not enough, we (anyone with animals , or even the POTENTIAL of owning farm animals) must report their property and recieve a "premise ID" for GPS sattelite tracking numbers. GETTING your premise ID is FREE right NOW, but will not be in about 2 years. then there will be an annual charge!
it gets even worse!
then there is reporting, if your chicken crosses the road and MIGHT come in contact with any other livestock, this movement must be reported 24 hours in advance to the USDA, the return home is yet another report . and this will need to be done at the OWNERS expence.
ALL of this enforcement , will fall to HOMELAND security, and individual farmers.
when you hear no no animals that never leave home dont need a chip./ yes they do, if that owner EVER buys a new animal that MIGHT come into contact with it.
there is so much to this proposed new legislation, or "regulations" it will help make horse slaughter easier,
it will make Cargill and monsanto richer
it will make digital angel very happy , and that company is tightly aligned with Tom ridge , the director of homeland security.
it will make small farms obselete
it will ruin the organic market.
it will raise the prices of meats . because without small farmers , big ones have no checks or balances to prices.
they claim the food will be safer, but it will in fact be a larger group in a single location instead of thousands of locations.
go to nonais.org
go to the USDA site and read for yourself!