Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MOMS can change the world, AND the acceptable imports.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 is a link to all the lucious imported poisions in fish .. you know, fish we are supposed to eat more of for the benefits? here is a list of the products that china continues to send us... who needs Al Queda... we will harm ourselves by the products we buy . Not to mention what we will allow our kids to ingest... lead... GHB when does it end?When do we stand up and STOP buying the things we dont read the labels of !!!We shop at Wally world because its cheap not because its safe... well how bout if you stood up for your children, for our future, for our rights as consumers to demand a safe product by not buying one that IS NOT safe.put your money where your future is !!! rewad the label , buy us only fish ... and shop around for US made toys this holiday season lets say to china ... they cannot convert us to communism by increasing our national debt.if you need more information or impetus then here

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